So much has happened in the last month. We finished setting up the store, opened 3 days earlier than anticipated, had our grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony, a week of grand opening door busters, a sale every day after that and now the Make-a-Thon. I have been kept as permanent, and have been run around like a chicken with its head cut off. I also received a special award pin from corporate for taking such great care of our customers. No one has ever seen it before so I’m pretty stoked and proud of that. Everyone at work has pin envy. :]

Since the last post I’ve also had a couple meltdowns with my mother again, but so far everything seems to be okay for now. It’s been really tough for me. Sunday I went to my best friends bridal shower and came over to see their new house and pets. I had a lot of fun and I should be editing pictures, but I’ve been too tired to do it. I actually passed out for a couple hours when I got home today.

Since I’ve also taken another dispatch test and scored a 92. 😀 Pretty proud of that as well. I was invited to interview and had my interview on the 7th. I’m awaiting to hear back from the state.

I’ve also started a bullet journal. I got one off of Amazon (Leuchtturm1917). I adore it. I’ll make a separate blog post on it. There’s a lot I’d like to cover. For now, I’m gonna lay back, relax and watch my fiancee play WoW. ❤ Then, I’m gonna pass out. ✌

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