Struggle Bus

Somewhere along the way I boarded the struggle bus and must have fallen asleep. I can’t seem to find my stop…

After a month of being out of work due to death and dealing with some diabetes upkeep, I’m really struggling financially. I was getting a decent amount of hours before I left and of course when I get back…BAM. Nothing. When I need the most of course. Partially I can blame myself. I have been applying for more and more jobs. Hoping to either land one I can work in addition to my current job or a better one that can replace my current job. I have debts I need to pay off. I’m working just enough to be able to afford the gas just to get to work, so yeah. On top of that, I’ve made just enough money on the side to pay for the little storage unit we have of my father-in-law’s things. If I become unable to pay for it at any point, I have nowhere to put them, which is a really scary prospect.

I tried to do DoTerra, but no one seemed interested in buying from me, so I canceled. Everyone is going APE over LuLaRoe, but I can’t afford the startup fee. I’ve thought about dropshipping as an option for additional income. I’ve unfortunately have had to sell some of my things to make ends meet. It sucks, but it is a necessary evil. I’ve applied at several places, outside of retail. I don’t feel I can do retail any longer. It’s the same damn thing, EVERY TIME. I either start off full-time for the first few months and then my hours drop off the face of the earth or I start off part-time with decent (part-time) hours and then what little I had disappear and I only get like 5 to 10 a week. I can’t do it anymore. And it is so hard finding two jobs that will work with each other. I usually get shat on by one and end up having to quit, which defeated the whole purpose of getting the second job in the first place. But, such is the life of retail.

Only time will tell I suppose. I just have to keep my head held high, pray, and stay positive. At least I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach. ❤

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