What a damn year…

Not sure what happened with my domain as I have paid for it, but it’s down?? In the time since I’ve last written we have acquired 4 ducks and a dog. I have also gone through a lot of co-workers. It’s been really rough, but I’m top seniority now, so there’s that. I’ve just been getting more and more sick. I found out I have degenerative disc disease, arthritis, osteophytes, possible lupus (tested positive, waiting for more symptoms for diagnosis) and Raynaud’s has arisen as well.  They say my fibro is from physical trauma/abuse. My degenerative disc disease is in my neck and most likely caused from when I was held up by my neck back in late 2006/2007. I had a nerve conduction study done as well. The results were mild carpal tunnel, but really the numbness is caused by my degenerative disc disease and osteophytes stabbing my spinal cord. That test was supposed to be uncomfortable, but apparently not as uncomfortable as I was. That tech was pretty shocked, too.

Honestly, I miss blogging. I miss photography. I miss coding. I miss it all. I miss feeling like a normal person who can carry on a full-time job without feeling like a run down piece of crap afterward and still be able to do the things I love and not sleep all the damn time. I try not to let it stop me from doing what I want or doing what I need to do. I have gone on a few adventures and tried to enjoy myself. Been to a few more cons, go to crystal and gem shows, reptile shows, free events, and things like that. It really helps when they have wheelchairs, but overall I try and make it without assistance.

I always say I’ll try and post more, but life is life.

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