Streamer and Viewer Etiquette

Viewers Respecting Couples

I felt I should address this. And not just because I had an issue almost a week ago, but because I think it’s an issue that’s not often talked about. At least the issue I had to deal with, but also other issues streamers and viewers alike face. I realize, if your viewer count is so high, you can’t catch and address everything and things are going to happen, but it was pretty much me, the suspect, my husband and a couple of the guys he was in voice chat with at the time watching.

I’d like to start off by saying I am not a jealous person. There are lines you don’t cross when it comes to couples. You just don’t. There are things you don’t say to someone’s partner. And there are definitely things the partner should and shouldn’t do in those situations. I thought, at least, it was an unspoken rule, but what do I know? When you’re watching someone stream (regardless of whether or not you know they are in a committed relationship), you shouldn’t assume that they aren’t and start flirting. Now, the thing for me about the situation is I’m almost 100% positive this individual KNEW that my husband is, in fact, my husband. She had been in the chat before while he has streamed, most certainly when I’ve been in there or even when I’ve been in the same room with him while he was streaming.

Before she had mentioned him being her husband, she had said, “*swoons* that smile…” Although that irked me a bit, I let it pass. It’s a compliment, truly to both he and I. I know I have a handsome husband. TRUST me. He is beyond drool worthy. Though it kind of stuck a knife in me when he gave the screen the look he gives me when I say I love you or make a cute comment towards him. So, to me, he was responding in a way I felt only I should illicit that response. When the certain things afterward were said my husband responded, “I’m already someone’s husband.” Yet, she continued. So if she didn’t know before, she knew then, yet she still continued which was highly disrespectful. I didn’t say anything but merely responded with a couple angry emoji. She then proceeded to tell me nothing was going to happen because we didn’t live near each other. Oh, thanks for that reassurance and creep level. I’m sorry, how do you know where we live again? I didn’t respond, I just banned her. She got her panties in a knot from what I could tell from voice chat. I guess she lives in the same house as another streamer my husband was in a voice chat with. Another person from the voice chat called me a jealous “person.” He had to censor himself as to not piss off my husband. Others said I needed to “Get the f*ck over it.” as it’s going to happen and it’s inevitable. Well, yes, and that’s why if I’m there to take care of the situation I’m going to if it goes beyond what it should. Especially after the individual was told by my husband that he was taken. Later my husband unbanned her, which is not something that made me happy. She probably does not realize she has been unbanned, but we’ll see what happens.

I don’t know what it is about other females that feel the need to do this sort of thing. It’s so disrespectful. I have been cheated on before, so it really is something I’m quick to address.

I trust my husband fully. 100%. I do NOT, however, trust most other females.  It’s sad to me people feel comfortable doing this, even after being told that the person is taken. I did address the situation with my husband privately and told him how it made me feel. If you’re experiencing something of this likeness I would NOT fly off the handle, I wouldn’t do something to try and make him jealous back and I definitely wouldn’t accuse him of anything before analyzing the situation. Now, if you catch them in the act of something then that’s a given, but in cases like these, it’s better to handle it calmly. In my case, this was the first time something like this has happened that I’m aware of and there are some things that upset me I haven’t felt the need to address yet that have nothing to do with what happened that night. If I was an insecure individual I would have said something by now. At any rate, if the topic comes up somehow I will say something. It’s just not a pressing issue. Everyone has different comfort levels in a relationship and it’s best that both partners respect each others comfort levels to a resonable extent.

What are your thoughts on this? Social media or in person, has this ever happened to you? How did you handle it?